The Blue Lobster

From the same team who created the award-winning ASL/English bilingual storybook app, The Baobab, we bring you The Blue Lobster! Another fun and original story, The Blue Lobster is about a curious little girl who goes in search for a rare lobster! Available on iPads, this storybook app is great for young children, ages 3 and up. Children will enjoy rich ASL storytelling, beautiful illustrations, and a large vocabulary of both finger spelled and signed words. 


Concept sketches by Yiqiao Wang



  • Project Director: Melissa Malzkuhn

  • Lead Programmer: Tim Kettering

  • Illustrator: Yiqiao Wang

  • Storyteller: April Jackson-Woodard

  • Story by: Melissa Malzkuhn

  • Video Production: Zilvinas Paludnevicius

  • Design Production: Lauren Benedict

  • Audio (vocabulary voice-over): Milana Meadows

  • Sound design consultant: Jennifer Kaika Vold

  • Early Childhood Literacy and Quality Assurance consultant: Dr. Melissa Herzig

  • Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Thomas Allen

  • Co-Principal Investigator and Science Director: Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto

  • Special thanks to: Andrea Sonnier, Erica Wilkins, Suzanne Scheuermann, and Julian Kirkland

Special Acknowledgements

This project was made possible by the National Science Foundation funded Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning at Gallaudet University.