More stories??

I really love this video! My 9 year old daughter also loves it! It is really helping her with her signs, now she is more excited about learning signs and being able to communicate more with her Deaf grandparents, which makes me very happy!!! I wish there were more stories! Especially to keep her interest, are there plans for updates with more stories?

The signing is so beautiful and the woman signing has such a friendly and inviting face. Very happy to see a deaf woman of color being the language model for so many!! Keep up the good work!!!! (I got another ASL stories app as well, and I must say, the baobab one is much more easy on the eyes, my daughter is more engaged with this one!)

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Worth the money

As an educator who has to buy my own apps, $6.99 is usually out of my budget for a book. However, I'm happy I spent the money on this one. I work with Deaf and hard of hearing students, and there are precious few books in English and American Sign Language. This one is beautiful. The ASL is great (no Signed English here!). The video is sharp and plays well on my iPad 3. The artwork behind the storyteller are beautiful and support comprehension of the narrative without being visually distracting.

Students can read the text independently, watch the story signed, or explore the included English-ASL translation video glossary. One of my favorite features is that students can access the glossary from the text by tapping on an unfamiliar word. Nice! I would like to have an option of an English voiceover reading the text. This would widen the age of young hearing children and hard of hearing children who could enjoy the story on their own, especially children who are still learning ASL. I do hope there will be more ASL books coming from this publisher!

An eye-candy!

What a top-notch app designed for ASL/English bilinguals and ASL-curious children! The VL2 team have raised the bar for what a quality ASL/English ebook should look like. I especially loved the beautiful loud-popping illustrations. Also, one feature I really appreciated was the uninterrupted ASL story with animated effects in the background. Oh, by the way, the hummingbirds were so cute!

The app does a wonderful job of creating a bridge between American Sign Language and English, giving children the flexibility to learn and use both languages interchangeably. We need MORE of that, so Im really excited to see what they will come up next! What a great addition to a small yet growing collection of ASL/English eBooks!

A Quantum Leap!

This storybook app is simply outstanding. The illustrations, the video quality, the story itself - WOW. And it even teaches you ASL! The design and innovation of this app goes beyond what is currently out there now for children and families who use ASL or want to learn ASL. I showed the app to my 7-week-old nephew and his eyes latched right on the narrator’s exquisite storytelling (and when I moved the iPad around a little, his eyes followed!) I then showed it to my mom who picked up a few new signs using the vocabulary feature. All this in just 15 minutes. I can’t wait to try it out with more children. Kudos!


This series of books has blown me away! They are leaps and bounds above any other ASL app. We are learning ASL as a family because of our youngest daughter (2) and these stories along with the abundance of videos and words has helped us learn a lot in just a few days. This was obviously well thought out and includes a full video of the story being read, the ability to flip through pages at your own pace while choosing highlighted words to review, and a glossary of video words. It is so helpful to see each of these formats and has increased our comfort level in understanding signs from those fluent in ASL. We love learning together, especially since we cannot find the time to take an official course. The readers / actors bring these stories to life and the artwork is beautiful. Please make many more of these! Bravo!

Factually fun!

Beautifully comprehensive, conceptually appealing, and beneficial for bilingual acquisition.

These are awesome!

These are a great! The stories are engaging and the illustrations are wonderful too!

Harnessing Technology for Good!

This is a fantastic product that seamlessly integrates American Sign Language into the digital story format. The different pathways through the story mets many different goals: enjoying an ASL story without interruption, reading the English version with ASL supports along the way, a glossary look-up for ASL translations of unfamiliar English words. This is a model for future products that will integrate ASL into the iPad format. I believe it will enhance ASL literacy, as well as English literacy! We need more materials like this for ASL/English bilingual education!


I am a bilingual Deaf person, and this is one of the best ASL (American Sign Language)/English books I’ve seen. It is very easy to use and a great way to learn ASL and English. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to be bilingual in the two languages.

Creative captivating!

Great resource! Fun and visually captivating. Educational. I learned the sign for “gravity”. Can’t wait for my kids to watch it!