Create Your Own Bilingual Storybook Apps with VL2 Storybook App Creator!

Research Based Storybook App Creator for Bilingual Children

VL2 Storybook Creator is a storybook template designed based on research foundations on bilingualism and visual language to encourage an optimal reading experience for all deaf children and visual learners. We seek to encourage community involvement by inviting developers and educators to create their own bilingual storybook apps on our award-winning platform.

There is no programming experience required to create your own storybook app, our Storybook Creator sets it all up for you! Create your own story text, images and art, and film a signer! Put it together on the Storybook Creator and get your story on the App Store! 

Tell Stories. Create. Share.

Have an amazing story to tell? VL2 Storybook Creator allows you to create your story in a bilingual format. Download VL2 Storybook Creator and start building your own bilingual storybook app for iPads! Share your storybook app with the world. Publish on Apple App Store! 


Crafted with Visual Learners In Mind


  • Built for visual bilingual format.

  • Video based glossary. 

  • Dynamic text with pop-up video for each word. 

  • Share stories with text & video.

  • Easy to use design.

  • No programming experience needed! 

  • User's Manual included!

  • Customize as many assets as you wish, or use our graphics made by award-winning Artist Yiqiao Wang.


Apps Made with VL2 Storybook Creator

Every child loves a good story. What's yours?

Copy of The Baobab
Copy of The Solar System
Copy of The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Copy of Museum of Errors
Copy of The Giant Turnip