Meet our behind-the-scenes individuals who made this dream possible as a team – globally.

We are creatives seeking new ways to understand the learning process in sign language and how to make tangible resources that makes learning fun. Our background is in science, art, technology, culture, communications, and education. With our varied backgrounds and singular interest in understanding how Deaf Children engage in learning, and how to create new experiences, we are constantly evolving, innovating, and welcoming new perspectives. Find us on the first floor of Sorenson Language and Communication Center building at Gallaudet University.

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ML2 Team

Meet the individuals that work in the Motion Light Lab and support the vision that makes VL2 Storybook Apps a reality.


Melissa Malzkuhn
Founder + Creative Director

Lorna Quandt
Science Director

Jason Lamberton
Motion Capture Technician

Jianye Wang
3D Animator

JamiLee Hoglind
Executive Assistant + Labs Liaison

Conrad Baer
Digital Content Project Specialist

Melissa Herzig
TL2 Director at Translation of Science and Learning Lab

Raja Kushalnagar
Director of Information Technology

Yiqiao Wang
Senior Artist

Julia Mills
Graduate Research Assistant

Tayla Newman
Undergraduate Research Assistant



The magic within our stories comes from the determination and hard work of the individuals that help create these stories.


Jason Shamberg
Design Director

Tim Kettering
Lead Programmer

Zilvinas Paludnevicious
Video Production

Wei Wang
Video Production

Conrad Baer
Video + App Production

Milana Meadows
Vocabulary Audio

Lyle Vold
Vocabulary Audio

Joseph “Pepe” Wagnon
Production Designer

Lauren Benedict
Design Production + Producer

Lorne Farnovitch
Project Lead



VL2 Storybook Apps wouldn’t be possible without the individuals in front of the camera that tell our stories to the world.

April Jackson-Woodard, The Baobab & The Blue Lobster

Justin Jackerson, The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Lorne Farnovitch, The Solar System

Benjamin Lewis, The Little Airplane That Could

[name here], The Baobab Japanese - JSL

[name here], The Baobab New Zealand - NZSL

[name here], The Baobab Dutch - NGT

Abdulrahman AlGhamdi, The Baobab Saudi - ###

Conrad Baer, Museum of Errors - ASL

Sofia ###, Museo delgi Errori - LIS

[name here], The Baobab Russian - RSL

Betsie Marie Kulikov, Teremok - ASL

Robert Siebert, The Giant Turnip - ASL

Vera Shamaeva, Tepemok & Penka - RSL

[name here], The Baobab Thailand - ###



Our apps are awash with brilliant colors and immerse artwork that wouldn’t be possible without the talented artists on our team.

Yiqiao Wang, The Baobab, The Blue Lobster & The Solar System

Pamela Witcher, The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Tim Woodford, The Little Airplane That Could

Silvia Palmieri, Museum of Errors

Alexei Simonov, Teremok/Tepemok

Alexei Svetlov, The Giant Turnip/Penka

Melissa Malzkuhn, Buck & Bull


Supporters + Backers

Our projects thrive because of the support we receive from dedicated individuals and groups.

California School for the Deaf
Fremont, CA - USA

Kendall Demonstration Elementary School
Clerc Center, DC - USA

Andrea Sonnier, Erica Wilkins, Suzanne Scheuermann, Bobbie Jo Kite & Dr. Jenny Singleton
Access Interpreting - USA

Julian Kirkland
[company name] - USA

Joseph Murray & Morgen Lund
[company name] - Norway

Nozomi Tomita & Miyuki Nagakawa
[company name - NTUT] - Japan

Victoria Lessing
Merge NZ - New Zealand

Annemieke Van Kampen
[company name] - Netherlands

Abdulrahman AlGhamdi
[company name] - Saudi Arabia

Silvia Palmieri & [name here]
CABSS - Italy; [company name] - ###

Robert Siebert, Alla Mallabiu & Zoya Boytseva
CSD - USA; Ta Telshu Telbya - Russia

Neal Murata
U.S. Embassy Bangkok & NADT - Thailand

Robert Wirth
Fulbright Program - Italy-USA