Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for answers to some of your burning questions, you’ve come to the right place. Search through our FAQ to see if we can provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

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+ I would LOVE to get posters and postcards and stickers for my class! Can I?

Absolutely! We have limited edition 19x27 posters of The Baobab, The Blue Lobster, The Little Airplane That Could, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and The Solar System. Get them before they run out! We also have postcards and stickers (as supply lasts); ask away!

+ What is Motion Light Lab?

Motion Light Lab ("ML2" for short) is the creative geniuses behind this product. Motion Light Lab is one of four hubs of Visual Language and Visual Learning; we design resources for children guided (and directed) by the research foundations made by the VL2 center. VL2 Storybook Apps are designed based on fundamental research on reading - it is our goal and intention to provide deaf children with rich literature material through giving them strong ASL models and engaging story plot lines to read. You can read read up more on Motion Light Lab's work here.




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+ What kind of equipment do I need to create my own app with?

You will need a Mac to work on the Storybook Creator, as it runs on Xcode. Xcode is a native Apple application used to create apps. Please note that you do NOT need an iPad to run the Storybook Creator. You can view your app (in development) through the iOS Simulator (included in Xcode).

+ How can I get Xcode?

You can download Xcode for free from the App Store.

+ Can I make Android-version storybook apps with the Storybook Creator?

No, you cannot. Storybook Creator creates apps for iPad (iOS 7+) only. We are working to offer Storybook Creator for Android.

+ Can I make storybook apps for iPhone with the Storybook Creator?

Our current version (Storybook Creator 1.0, as of October 1, 2016) supports iPad only - in all format: Mini, Retina, and Pro.

+ Do you support other languages?

Yes, the Storybook Creator supports different languages including different characters. Our apps (The Baobab) have been translated into Norwegian, Japanese, and Russian.

+ I would like to translate VL2 Storybook Apps into another sign language. How can I do this?

Please email Melissa Malzkuhn ( to discuss further details.

+ Do you provide training and support?

Yes! Our team provides support and we can customize training for your needs - individual/team/organization. Please get in touch with us. See the above email address.

+ Can I add audio to my apps?

Yes, you can add audio (voice-over or background music) to the video components of the app.

+ Can I sell my own apps using the Storybook Creator?

Yes, you can! The Storybook Creator licensing agreement clearly specifies that a purchase of the Storybook Creator allows you a single app submission to the App Store. That means you can submit one app and you decide the pricing of the app; you keep the revenues. If you wish to submit a second app, please purchase another Storybook Creator. Now, what if you want to submit 10 storybook apps? You'll need to purchase 10 Storybook Creators.

+ I'm an educator; I would like to use Storybook Creator for my class. I don't plan to submit any apps. How many Storybook Creators do I need to buy?

JUST ONE. There is no limit for how many storybook apps you wish to make, design, develop, and use for your class (or school). If you want to make 30 apps, go ahead! You are free to work with other teachers and install the Storybook Creator on different computers to use to teach students. Please keep us posted on your class! We love hearing back from teachers and students.

+ Is there a special educator discount for VL2 Storybook Creator?

No, it's $150.00.