The Baobab

The Baobab is an original story about a curious little girl who goes on a search for a rare, delicious fruit growing from an ancient Baobab tree. The little girl encounters animals and lands herself in a peculiar situation! Children will enjoy the daring little girl's mishaps and adventures, the rich ASL storytelling, and the captivating watercolor illustrations. 


Concept sketches and color samples by Artist Yiqiao Wang



  • Project Director: Melissa Malzkuhn

  • Design Director: Jacob Shamberg

  • Lead Programmer: Tim Kettering

  • Story by: Melissa Malzkuhn, Dr. Kristen Harmon, Dr. Benjamin Bahan, and Wanda Riddle

  • Illustrator: Yiqiao Wang

  • Storyteller: April Jackson-Woodard

  • Video Production: Zilvinas Paludnevicius

  • Vocabulary Audio: Milana Meadows

  • Production Designer: Joseph "Pepe" Wagnon

  • Technical Cosnultant: Greg Millam

  • Early Childhood Literacy Consultants: Dr. Jenny Singleton, Bobbie Jo Kite, and Svenna Pedersen

  • Audio Consultant: Jennifer Kaika

  • Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Thomas Allen

  • Co-Principal Investigator and Science Director: Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto

  • Evaluation and Assessment: Dr. Melissa Herzig, Melissa Malzkuhn, Dr. Kristen Harmon, Adam Stone, and Erica Wilkins

  • Special thanks to: Bobby Cox, James Tranovich, Suzanne Scheuermann, and Megan Malzkuhn


Special Acknowledgement

We would like to also acknowledge California School for the Deaf, Fremont and the Kendall Demonstration Elementary School at Clerc Center, for welcoming us to meet with their students to share these stories while in development. Also, many thanks to the families and children who tested this app prior to release! 

This project was made possible by the National Science Foundation funded Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning at Gallaudet University.