Copy of Museum of Errors

Museum of Errors

Inspired by Italian children book author, Gianni Rodari, Museum of Errors is rich in word play and creative uses of language, in which we would call "tongue-twisters" (or hand-twisters!). It is about a museum with a main exhibition of showing where things go... perfectly wrong! Children and adults will delight in the absurdity of the stories, the possibilities, and the twist on your perspective of what is 'wrong' or 'right'.


What would happen if Elves try to interpret? What if a parrot tries to sign? Their absurdities are made real in Museum of Errors!

With original and colorful illustrations and animations by Silvia Palmieri, Museum of Errors brings new incredible talents to show, and a very imaginative storyline. Storytelling is by Conrad Baer, 3rd generation Deaf and native ASL user.

This storybook app has over 150 vocabulary words, signed and fingerspelled, with 22 pages of ASL sentence videos - it's a proud addition to our collection of high quality VL2 storybook apps. 



Created by Silvia Palmieri with Melissa Malzkuhn, Conrad Baer, and Benjamin Bahan

  • Artist: Silvia Palmieri

  • Storyteller: Conrad Baer

  • Video Production: Conrad Baer and Melissa Malzkuhn

  • App Production: Conrad Baer and Melissa Malzkuhn

Special Acknowledgements

We would like to also acknowledge the support of the Fulbright Program (Italy-USA), and the support of Robert Wirth, for making the scholarship possible for Silvia Palmieri to come and study at Gallaudet.