Buck and Bull

Buck & Bull is a story about an unlikely friendship for all ages. It all started during a bad thunderstorm when a fawn strayed into a barn and met a calf. They became fast friends, but as they grow up their physical differences become more apparent. The young deer was agile, fast, and funny while the young bull was heavy, slower, and shy. The bull became jealous of the deer and refused to play. Rejected and lonely, the deer decided to leave the herd for the woods. But, later the young bull learned that the hunting season was coming and hunters were prowling the woods looking for deer, he realized how much he missed his friend. Will he be able to save Buck, and mend their friendship?



• Art By: Melissa Malzkuhn
• Storyteller: Conrad baer
• Video Production: Conrad Baer and Melissa Malzkuhn
• App Production: Melissa Malzkuhn and Conrad Baer
• Story created by: Melissa Malzkuhn

Special Acknowledgements

Special thanks to Dr. Melissa Herzig and Melissa Malzkuhn of the National Science Foundation Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning at Gallaudet University.