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Children's Storybook Apps in American Sign Language and English!

The Baobab

Available on both iPad & Android Tablets!  An original story, The Baobab is about a curious little girl who embarks on an adventure. 

The Solar System

FREE & Available on iPad! Learn all about our solar system in ASL & English! This app comes with vocabulary definitions.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf 

Available on iPad! This app brings a timeless fable in a new dimension with richly visual ASL storytelling and emotive artwork reflecting the deep themes of the story.

The Blue Lobster

Available on iPad!  Made by the same team who created The Baobab, this app is designed for younger readers, ages 3 & up.


The Little Airplane That Could

Coming soon!  A creative adaption of the classic, "The Little Engine That Could" - this storybook app brings you ASL personification that will keep you enthralled!