Every child loves, and deserves, a great story. Great stories invite children into our vast world, encouraging new ways to imagine and then leading them down the path to reading and learning. The inspiration behind the VL2 Storybook Apps comes from the belief that there are many ways to tell a great story.

We love stories. And we love sharing great stories—especially now that we have this new form of visual storytelling in ASL and English!

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Digital Literacy for Deaf Children

For young and emerging Deaf readers, the role of fingerspelling is important. Fingerspelling bridges ASL and English. It provides a rich gateway into ASL’s "visual phonology" for emerging readers and also strengthens children’s sound phonological decoding of the English text.

Frequent fingerspelling helps children become better readers and facilitates English vocabulary growth. Deaf and hard of hearing readers who are good at fingerspelling are also good readers, and vice versa! Of course, the same holds for frequent signing to children!


What Can We Do Together?


Create Your Own App

Using the VL2 Storybook Creator, you can create your own amazing stories! Ready to learn how?


Join Our Training Sessions

We believe that learning never ends, and you can be part of our mission to enrich the world with more bilingual stories.


Global Digital Library

The best part about creating new stories is sharing them – help us add to a growing collection of bilingual stories for children all over the world. Want to see the apps that are already in our library?


Resources For Your Classrooms

We offer additional resources for educational environments. Check out what you can download for your classroom and students!