The Baobab

Our award winning app is an original story about a curious little girl who embarks on an adventure. Comes with 170 vocabulary words.            iPad & Android, $4.99

The Solar System

Travel through our solar system in ASL & English! Packed with glossary definitions and facts on planets, this app is perfect for the classroom.   iPad & Android, $2.99

The Baobab: Norwegian Edition

Our original story translated into Norwegian Sign Language and Norwegian. iPad, FREE.

The Baobab: Russian Edition

The Baobab goes Russian! Learn Russian Sign Language & Russian. iPad, FREE.

The Baobab: Japanese Edition

The Baobab retold in Japanese Sign Language & Japanese. iPad, $2.99.

The Baobab: Dutch Edition

The Baobab retold in Dutch Sign Language & Dutch. iPad, FREE.


The Baobab: Arabic Edition

The Baobab in Saudi Sign Language and Arabic.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf 

This app brings a timeless fable in a new dimension with rich ASL storytelling and emotive artwork reflecting the deep themes of the story. iPad & Android, $4.99

VL2 Storybook Creator!

A storybook template for Xcode - create your own bilingual apps without writing a line of code. Click on the icon for details.                    Mac Desktop, $150.00    

VL2 Storybook Apps: The Collection!

Get the entire collection of our storybook apps, exclusively for iPad, at only $14.99!

The Giant Turnip

A popular Russian folktale retold in ASL and English, with art by Alexei Svetlov. iPad, FREE.

The Blue Lobster: Russian Edition

The Blue Lobster in Russian Sign Language and Russian.              iPad, FREE.

Buck & Bull

Buck & Bull is a story about an unlikely friendship for all ages.  iPad, $4.99.


The Next Greatest App

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The Blue Lobster

Brought to you by the same team who created The Baobab, this app is designed for young and emerging readers, ages 3 & up.                      iPad & Android, $2.99

The Little Airplane That Could

A creative adaption of, "The Little Engine That Could," this has awesome storytelling and ASL personifications. iPad, $4.99

The Museum of Errors

An imaginative story rich in language play is about a museum full of things that went wrong. iPad, $4.99.

The Giant Turnip: Russian Edition

Told in Russian Sign Language and Russian. iPad, FREE.


A Russian rhyme re-invented with ASL wordplay invites children into this world where animals are real.


The Museum of Error: Italian Edition

Museum of Error retold in Italian Sign Language. iPad, FREE.